Anonymous asked:
Do you answer a lot of asks? Because I have been asking the same one 3 times now!

I try to answer  the best i can darling, and I try to not repeat my answers. But sometimes i forget which ones i’ve answered before, but on the bright side, it helps new people  when they find my blog. I also try not to answer much text post too often,  as the pictures are the thing people come here for after all.

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Anonymous asked:
situation question! an unconscious human washes up on your beach! what do you do?

I tell my bigger bird friends to take them to the nearest  region or ship of course dear. Of course, I take other bird pokemon to scout around, to see if there are more castaways around to help dear. 

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Anonymous asked:
so what happened to your mother?

Oh darling, it’s been so long, but I still remember up to this day.

As I grew, the training became  more intense each day. they wanted perfect results. They had me fight against more and more pokemon at the time, they had me lifting huge weights, to strengthen  my psychic powers, and trained me to use  my surroundings as weapons.

They started talking about nearing a deadline, It was diffuse, but Mother was showing more signs of preoccupation, which was truly against what she behaved around me.

Then one day, during training, the lights went off, Mother came to me in a hurry, and quickly guided me trough the dark facility. The  staff was preoccupied with what she called a ” breach”.

We rushed for the hangar The whole place was rumbling  loudly, with explosions, shooting and a siren  shouting in the distance.

Mom told me to go. I was reluctant, the sky, and sea were imposing in comparison to the large  facility I was raised in. I asked her to come with me at least, but she shook her head, and told me, she  needed to help the others first.

Mom handed me a small device, hugged me, and breathed “I love you”. before she went back inside. I flied away trough the closing doors of the hangar.

And that was when i last saw her, dear.  I miss her dearly, and wherever she is, I hope she is alright.